Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So now i shall begin. I had to wirte all this disclamer as u knw some legal issues may occur, and its better to declare it before writing. I am writing thsis article after being inspired from my close frnd Tanmay Desai.. U may read his blog too.. sophomore22...

Now what does this Happassole mean?? well it is not just a word.... it has deep connection with my life, my nature, the people have a look on me... It means Happy- Asshole ( * read disclamer for objection!)..
now i will tell u how i got such a name. Well am basically a person who is always happy. I believe in being happy no matter what ever the matter be, i love being happy and making ppl ( people) haapy..
And this is a reason for other ppl arround me who get jealous by seeing me happy.. They think that how come this asshole is always happy inspite of being in dramatically devastating conditons?? Well now here i may like to add something about me..
So readers keep ur spirits up!! and carry on..I am physically handicapped person by birth.. Ya i am.. but i never felt thatr coz of my mom! She always inspired me to fight all problems and never give up.. As doctors say i have conjenital disorder.. and am certified of 80% dissability.. LOLz.. But always treated as not Dissability and Different ability.. as i a can do things that no others can.. ya, there are many ting that i cant.. Like i cant play cricket like all of u, i cant play soccer like ronaldo. i cant dance like MJ, but what i can do no one can...
Now tis is the spirit that makes me going on in this world of measaries..
Now currently i am studying in 3rd year of computer engg in a reknowned college of my state.. I have always seen myself in the mirror as others, i dont know why? but my dissability never came in my eyes. I always treated my self s normal. But the time i step out of my empire and penetrate the world if urs i am realised every secxond of being what i am... Now thats it a bullshit..!! i dnt care actually...
Whenever i was challenged i completed it with guts and was victorious.. But still ppl cant seem to see that.. They are ready with their own excuses.
Now it has been almost 3 years i have not got any success in life. After entering college my life totally changed. I was feeling good in the early daus of my college life as i got admission in the top most and most reputed college of our state.. but then slowly and gradually that feeling vanished. I dont know how but i stared feeling numb.. and alone.. May be one of the reason was that i could see love couples all arround and always thought that wen will this day come in my life?? For some days i felt lonely but then as i say this asshole cant stay sad and again i got happy and continued with the life God gave me. I never complained about what i had, i just felt a lil different. Now u mite understand.
Then came some good frnds in my life... and increased... We all are a gang of say nerve wreaking guys!! we never seem to be serious we are always in our own world..

Then in 3rd year of my college i met tanmay.. i told u about him in the starting.. I and tanmay share the same feelings about the world, the crap education systema nd the most the administration zombies of our department!!
I have a same problem that why do ppl see only the percentage of a individual and categorize him as an intelligent or a moron?? Is there nothing to do woth a ability of a person???? we both are technically sound.. I dntmeanb that we code for google!! haha. but we are better than most of the sheeps of our college ( Dept..)
Why do companies that come for capus and recruitment see a persons merit marks?? And not his understanding and creativity?? Does creartivity of a person has nothing to do with??? Doesnt it matter the most??? Even Einstien has damn weak in studies but his interest in physics and creativity in maths led him to be what we know as Einstein!! I dont sat that we have they calibre of the type of Einstein.. We are not even supposed to be under estimated.. no.. no... never.. at no cost..
I triesd to get good marks in my lyf of college from all the years i have studied! but i neber managed to score a distinction! No that doesnt matter.. does it??? Well i dnt know why we have such a system of education here???
It really sucks man!! A person is not considered to be intelligent if he is creative but ya.. wait a minute if u a re a buttering guy, if u can butter any one and u have good percentage then u are a genius.. and all the others are assholes!!
So, thats what i am.. a Bloody Happy Asshole... (Happassole).. and frankly speaking am happy!!!! about what i am...
No regrets no complaints but ya let my tym come.. i show all these jurks wat a happy asshole can do! Let my tume arrive , till then i will wait.. And if i got a chance i cud surely like to change this crao educational system for sure..
That is a dream that i see.......
Oops .. sorry i know this is quite a long one.. but sorry i cant stop writing once am in the zone.. sorry if i hurt ur feelings..
Have a nice day.....

Thank You,

Do Comment on how it is......................


  1. Absolutely true, the Indian education system is a crap...... the examination procedure is a garbagge.
    I gotta b changed.
    U hav written the exact situation whih very other Indian student faces.
    Well done!!!!!!!!!!

  2. no hassles..let ur tym come! n it wil, for sure :)its nyc to see so mch of optimism drippin frm u.indeed inspirin :)

  3. Dude. Even by writing this you can't change the system. Is it that only recruitment companies evalutates you by your marks?? Everydamn person around you(except few morons like me) evaluates like that. Even your parents. I was considered to be a mathematical genius in my class b'coz i could solve all my textbook problems easily... People are dumb. Don't give a damn and do what you like to do.

  4. Dude..
    anything i write maybe taken in wrong light as i hav always scored good and yet managed to keep my extra-currics upto the mark... :(

    But, you are bang-on-target. The crazy indian education system is tailor made to favor the bloody learn-by-rote types who cant see beyond the texts.
    But there is a silver lining. In the industry, these chumps do get a chance but not the genius to survive against the competition.
    In the end, its just sheer genius that wins.
    And you being a genius, will need to persevere more to break the mindsets of others.
    They say... a diamond can never stay hidden for long...eventually it will be found... so will u.. :)
    just hang on..!

  5. Oh.. my God.. Thank u all gusy for reviewing it..
    Well ya lets see ehere my destiny takes me and the same for our country's education system...
    I hate this system and ppl for loving sheer rattu guys.. they are the most useless ppl on earth...
    And my hateredness will continue till i die!.. lolz

  6. Well,,, it is not necessary for any damn body to remain happy every time.. For me, i tell you, if i am happy, i would also be sad. If I am loving, I would also be angry. If I am laughing, I would also cry..
    Every one is whole and complete..They way they are, and the way they are NOT.
    would want to write more but then this is a comment area and i intend not to make it a post in itself..!
    Cheers to life..!!

  7. Thanks for ur comment. well ur views are rite.. either everybody is complete or no one is...
    Keep reading.......


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