Monday, August 9, 2010

Ambitions and much more...

Well, as usual my this post also has nothing drastic to do with. Now after getting through 6 semesters of college i ( actually which student doesn't?) feel a little sad, the pace at which time flies-by is in itself a thing to notice. May be its coz we never look at it when we are busy, and out of a sudden can't stop looking at the clock when in no-work-state! Well i have'nt written this for praising qualities of time.

It's late monsoon and also the time for placements for the students in 7th sem (4th yr) of their courses. Every one pf us came stepped-in the untrodden ways of the college life with lush green hearts filled with joy, excitement, and a world to conquer! And especially when time comes to the thing of #Placements the all of a sudden the flashback comes in to the mind of what ambitions we came to the new world. With the first announcement of the companies coming runs an unmatched wave of thrill and also brings a feeling of insecureness.

Everyone from nerds with zombie-fying aggregates, average students with there mark-sheets resembling #ekta kapoo's daily soaps, and the underprivileged bunch of sheep start all of a sudden activity. Of then begins the bloody battle of getting selected for the dream job that they want. but problems aren't just restricted to it. The problems are even worse! yeah worse than a nightmare!!

Its written in devnagri script which is also the base of our national emblem "Satyam-eva jayte", but when it comes to reaching goals and fulfilling the ambitions, its okay to not override it, but just put it on side. One goes praising all things that the person wuold never have said if that wasn't going to help him getting into the dream job. But its well also.. to do so. who cares.. agar ese hi job miljatee to ye sab kyu karte.. ??

"sam dam dand bhed" rule just gets a broader meaning during these days.. During this season some abitions are fulfilled and some go in vain. Life shoes it all colors! just like a peacock dancing in rains.. Its beautiful observe things. But when it extends from being an observer to a action-maker.. it really horrifies.. Some ambitions are broken by their own mistakes (( i.e. by the students) sme silly mistakes and you are done! Its not that all the deserving candidates get selected.

The one who shows extraordinary communications skills makes the way through in. So all those who are like me, who are not good in communication (oral) gear up buddies "coz u gonna get though competition".

Well, this is what for the moment! a random post as i was just randomly free at a season of random rains in late-monsoon! Just as God flooded our streets with rains.. so he mite also flood your lives with all colors, happiness and a meaningful life.. take care.. will write soon.. :)

Till then astalavista..

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