Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes... all of the students on this earth may or may not be of the same views but every student on the earth will agree with me on this topic.. Lolz... that is exam time.. he he... every student hates the exam time... its like you are in debt of crores (Millions) of rupees!! No body understands what the hell the did wrong for which they are been pissed of like this..
I recently modified a dialogue from the film KAMINEY..and now it is truly said that..
"Ye exam badi Kutti cheej hey..,
WaAt issne nai lagti ki tum kitna syllabus padhte ho!,
WaAt isse lagti hey ki tum kitna syllabus chodte ho!!"

Lolz have to go back to study.. but will write again soon..
Tk Cr readers...... :)

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