Friday, August 20, 2010

Humor Heaven on Web.. The Oatmeal..

Yes, you heard it right.. :) Its The Oatmeal!!.. Well past last many months, i have searched the web in all ways i could and as you know i am going-to-be a computer engg. next yr june, so when i say i "searched" it would so mean that i did.. And i came up with this sie called The Oatmeal.

It's just so awesome stuff, that u just cant believe it. Such original content, hilarious comic, and a brand new awesome idea of putting it online is just unmatchable guys!!

Lets talk abou the creator, the God of Matthew Inman He is a 27 year old web designer, web developer, and online marketer from Seattle, Washington. Samples of his work are published on his own site, anyone of you can checkit out and be at peace at once! He has also built a networking websitein 2007, by enormous effort of 66.5 hrs.. Wellthats what i can nice..!!

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