Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Social Network.. :-@

Hello frnds, my this post is dedicated to our second life "Social Networking". We have given it our all without thinking what circumstances and mental state will we be dragged into on excess.

(**NOTE:: i will use #SN# in place of Social Networking)

Well, the basic idea of SN is to share, communicate what is going around in our lives and surrounding on the web. We talk to friends, go to college and have fun and play gags and what not? all that stuff we share on the WWW to multiply the fun by sharing with those whom we can't meet daily.
But today we have become so much obsessed with SN that our SN profile is not just a profile to us! Its more more far more than that. It's our life, our EGO! Today time has come such that we when in grops at college or any place talk of what's going on SN sites, our profiles, who commented what and on who's wall. While earlier it was that we used to talk of what's going on in live on SN! The idea of SN is public collaboration which has now become personal affairs on fire!

Not just the way of communication but also representation of one's personality has become dependent on SN sites. A person is not what he says or behaves, but instead his personality is now calculated from his posts, comments and pics and with whom is he "friends-with" and what not from his SN profile. It has reached an extent that even companies recruit people seeing at least once on his SN profile!! This is holy shit! how the hell can yo decide how a person is from his SN profile??? You are universal jerks!

Even, relationships have been overridden by SN sites. Need a demo.. here are two.

*1* Suppose you need/want to break up from a relationship, here you go! Go to your profile and change your relationship status. It is understood that you are no longer interested.

*2* To humiliate your ex, all you need to do is click a awesome pic with a stud or a hottie and upload it to your profile and make it your profile pic. You are done congratulations! you just jealous-i-fied, teased, murdered your ex! :)

All in all i want to say is we must stop now. It's high time, that we stop taking a SN profile as our own real life and our own purchased shit peace of land on the WWW moon.! pls stop for God sake, if not then at-least for the sake of mental peace.

Even neighbors and mom/dad.grandpa/grandma want to be frnds on SN! As if we never met. We see them everyday, stay with them eat wit them sleep with them ( dun take it the other way or i'll drown you in hot coffee :P). So this is how life has changed by SN sites!
We must understand that the SN sites and real life is different. At no cost or at no means these both should intersect to destroy our peace and relations.

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